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New donation

Thanks to Shaun for the donation. That made my day.

Halo:Reach Team Finder live!

We created a Halo:Reach version of our Team Finder app. Give it a try today!

Halo:Reach Team Finder

Thanks to Matt Pell for donating

Just wanted to give a shout out to Matt Pell for the donation. You rock!

Halo 3 Team Finder updated for Halo 3: ODST

ODST is finally here! In it’s honor, I have updated the Halo 3 Team Finder to find both ODST Co-op and ODST Firefight gamers to play with.

Add your gamertag now to find a chill group of players to rack up achievements with!

NEW FEATURE LIVE: Gears of War 2 Team Finder

Good news! I have created a Gears of War 2 Team Finder application which will allow you to find new cool people like yourself to play with. Submit your gamertag and playstyle to find a solid team to get more wins in Gears of War 2.

Give it a try today! Gears of War 2 Team Finder

Also, don’t forget about our Gears of War 2 Respawn timer!

Updates to the Halo 3 Timer

Hey guys, just made some small updates to the Timer, check them out below! I still have a lot of suggestions to get to, but I’m trying to get back into the timer so that I can start making the changes that you guys are suggesting. If anyone has a suggestion, please contact me on our forum and let me know what could be done better and how.

Well, here’s what I accomplished today:

epitaph mlg removed
rats nest mlg removed
ghost town mlg removed
high ground mlg removed
last resort mlg removed
standoff mlg removed
isolation mlg removed
cold storage mlg removed
blackout mlg removed
valhalla mlg removed
foundry team slayer removed os and inv

Big update to the Halo 3 Team Finder

Just finished updating the Halo 3 Team Finder, and am excited about the improvements. I’ll go ahead and list them below for you guys. I’m interested in any feedback on the team finder, so please use the forum to make any comments.

1. Added “Boosting” and “Achievements” to the “Playstyle” selection for those of you who like to do that stuff.
2. Added “Campaign Co-op” for some Human vs. AI teamwork matchups.
3. Added a colored “Online” or “Not Online” for gamertags listed on the team finder. This should save you some time because you can quickly scan to see who’s really online.
4. Added a “last seen” feature which shows you what game they’re currently playing and how long ago.
5. Improved navigation at the top of the page with convenient “next” and “back” buttons. You can still see the full page listing at the bottom of the page. The new format removes clutter from the top and just puts the most important links in a convenient place.
6. Moved the submission form to the top of the page to see if that tempts more people to use it. Looks like it’s already working!

I hope you guys like the updates I made. I am really happy about how cool this is turning out to be and from all the support from my faithful visitors. As usual, I highly appreciate all of you and hope that you can tell a fellow gamer who wants to step his/her game up. This is only a small taste of what this site is capable of. If you guys keep coming, and traffic keeps increasing, I can keep pumping out new apps and updates more frequently. Again, I appreciate you all. THANK YOU!

The Pit MLG update

On the Halo 3 Timer, I just updated the “Custom” overshield powerup respawn time to two minutes. Please let me know if this is correct by using our forum to contact FPSBuddy. Contact us there so everyone can see your request so we can make sure this stays a community effort.

P.S. I still need help with the timer. If you have any times that need to be changed, please let me know. I am up to my ears in feature requests, but I don’t want to go too stir crazy until I know I’ve got the timer perfect. I also need the callouts and timers for the recently released maps, too. Any tiny nugget of info makes a huge difference, so post it on our forum today!

Update to the Halo 3 Team Finder

Some people were putting fake gamertags into the team finder, so I wrote a script which checks them to see if they are valid or not. You shouldn’t have to worry about that. I also deleted all the fake ones, too.

Also, I got some really cool ideas while writing this new script which I look forward to incorporating. Stay tuned!

NEW FEATURE LIVE: Halo 3 Team Finder

The Halo 3 Team Finder is LIVE!

Ok guys, I’ve been slaving over this little secret project and I finally feel ready to open it up to the public to see what kind of response it gets. Basically, it’s a tool which allows you to quickly find people to play Halo 3 with – without dealing with all the morons you typically find in Matchmaking. Basically, you enter your Gamertag, and a little information about what you’d like to play and your gamertag instantly appears on the site along with icons to your Xbox.com profile (with icons for Xbox message and Friend Request) along with your Bungie.net stats. Feeling shy? Just browse the list and send a friend request to a friendly FPSBuddy.com user who’s looking for someone around his skill level to play with.

It’s all about simplifying the process. Normally, you have to play a few games of matchmaking and you’re lucky if you can manage to scrounge up a few people who want to party up. That’s 20-30 minutes of your precious gaming time wasted.

Well, why am I sitting here talking? I’m going to use the Halo 3 Team Finder. Tell your friends!

Halo 3 Callouts update

Ok, I got the callouts integrated with the timer so if there are callouts for your current map, a link will appear at the bottom of the timer page so you can pull up the callouts in a new page quickly for a speedy in-game reference tool. That’s it for now. I also have some new tricks up my sleeve, just keep those eyes peeled for more. Also check out my twitter and follow me!

NEW FEATURE! Halo 3 Maps Callouts

Ok, I’ve been planning this out in my head since January, and I finally have something to show you guys. This is the super secret feature that I’ve been hinting about since January. Are you ready? Wait for it…

It’s the Halo 3 Maps Callouts! That’s right, 14 maps worth of screenshots of map locations for you to study and learn so you can communicate better with your team. I don’t yet have the callouts for the Mythic Map pack, but if anyone has information on those please let me know as I haven’t been playing as much as I’d like lately.

The other thing I plan on doing with the callouts is implementing it into the timer engine. That should be fairly simple and I plan on being done by this weekend. So, then I’ll just need a few more maps and it should be good to go.

As always, please hit me with any feedback on our forum, good or bad. I take all suggestions and constructive compliments :)

Ok, here are the Halo 3 Map Callouts. Enjoy!

FPSBuddy Jeff

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in precision respawn pickups. Less guesswork!

I did about an hour’s worth of testing last night and found out why camping directly on a spawn point causes respawn times to be unpredictable. I found a solution that allows you to camp directly on top of respawn points with incredible precision! Check the top item on our FAQ for a full explanation of how it works! WOOOOOO!!!

Snowbound Team Slayer/Lone Wolves update

Ok, I made some changes to the Snowbound profile of our Halo 3 Timer for both the Team Slayer and Lone Wolves gametypes.

What’s new:
Sniper now respawns at 2:30
Spartan Laser added, respawns at 2:30
Shotgun added, respawns at 3:00
Invisibility added, respawns at 3:00
Both maulers have been removed

New tutorial video for the Halo 3 Timer

Head on over to our videos page to see the long-awaited video 4, the one of me using our Halo 3 Timer throughout a whole game. I completely control the invisibility respawns the entire game, frustrating my opponents to no end. This is good for people to watch if you don’t understand exactly what it is we do. It’s in High Quality, which makes it easier to see what’s going on.

Well, here you go. Enjoy!

FPSBuddy is now on Twitter

Ok, we’ve made ourselves a Twitter account, so give us a follow and we’ll return the favor!

halo 3 timer twitter fpsbuddy


Hey everyone, I just finished up some nice updates to FPSBuddy, which I will detail below.


You will now see a small rounded box shadow effect around the timer buttons on the timer. This should help visually separate the timer buttons from the ads, and it makes the Halo 3 timer buttons look sexier too. I also implemented this effect on the Gears of War 2 timer.


I have officially disabled the contact form because people were using it to contact me instead of the forum. I would much rather everyone use the forum because this is a community site which will benefit from the discussion of many of our users. Interaction in the forum will also help people find FPSBuddy in search engines, so please use the forum for any questions, comments, etc. You can also use our forum to find MLG customs, or find a party to play matchmaking with. Imaging how strong your Halo 3 team would be if everyone were using our respawn timer at the same time!


I have learned that Construct in MLG v6 has lost the sniper rifle in lieu of the custom powerup. I have inserted a two minute respawn for the custom powerup and removed the sniper rifle. Enjoy!

New page on FPSBuddy – “Link to Us”

I noticed some of you are nice enough to link to us from your favorite Halo forums and I wanted to make it a bit easier for anyone who wants to link to us in the future.

If you want to help us out, copy and paste the short code on our new Link to Us page to your Myspace, Facebook, favorite Halo forum, personal blog, or wherever else you can think of. This will bring more users to the site which will motivate me to create more features and additions to FPSBuddy. Below is an example of what will appear on your site:

halo 3 timer
FPSBuddy has a FREE Halo 3 Timer for PC/Mac and mobile devices!

If anyone needs help adding our small banner to your page, contact me on our forum and I’ll be glad to lend a helping hand. Thanks again for supporting the FPSBuddy community!

Gears of War 2 Respawn Timer Update – Official release

I’ve made a small update to the Gears of War 2 timer, which puts the timer in it’s official release stage. That’s right, the Gears of War 2 timer is out of beta.

I won’t be making any changes to the GOW timer unless I get some feature requests in the forum, or I notice that the respawn times in the game have changed. Make your feature request in the FPSBuddy forum.

I will now get back to concentrating my developmental efforts to the Halo 3 timer. I have a really cool idea that I am considering some different ways for implement. This will remain a secret until I do a beta release.

Again, I want to thank everyone for the continued support of FPSBuddy. I have been tweaking the forum to help deter the spambots and it looks like it’s helping a lot, so feel free to come introduce yourself. I love to hear from the people who keep this idea in motion.

Gears of War 2 Respawn Timer BETA update

After running some tests, I have made some changes to the GOW2 Beta timer. Looks like this timer will be finished soon since respawn times remain constant throughout the various maps in Gears of War 2.

The first change I made was removing the 2 minute timer which was to be clicked upon weapon pickup. Some people are saying that weapons respawn two minutes after it is picked up, but this is untrue. Weapons spawn thirty seconds after they are depleted only, so you should use the remaining timer for that.

The other change I made was removing one of the grenade timers, since grenades respawn thirty seconds after they are picked up. It doesn’t matter if the grenades are used or not, another set will be back in 30 seconds after they are picked up.

I’m excited about how smoothly this project is going, and it should be out of beta soon. I have one more change to make, and then it’ll be even better.

If you haven’t tried our Gears of War 2 Spawn Timer yet, you can track the spawns of the weapons like the Torque Bow, Boomshot, Sniper Rifle, and more. Check it out!

Gears of War 2 Respawn Timer now in Beta – Try it today!

Well, I finally got my hands on Gears of War, & I am excited because the weapons and grenades actually respawn this time around. I decided to write the first-ever Gears of War 2 respawn timer, and I’d like your input so I can make it perfect.

Gears of War 2 Respawn Timer

It’s pretty basic, and I believe respawn times are the same¬†across all maps. You just click the weapon respawn timer on the left when you pick up a weapon, or the one on the right when the weapon is depleted. Same goes for grenades.¬†Simple enough?

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the FPSbuddy forum.

Timer now optimized for Firefox 3!

The timer now displays accurate times in Firefox 3. Please use Firefox with FPSbuddy to get the most stable timers. The timer still works with Internet Explorer, but with unpredictable results. Sometimes it’s perfect, and sometimes it’s way off. I put a reminder link to Firefox when an Internet Explorer user uses the timer. I also tested in Safari for Windows with good results.

Bonus: I have a new feature on the way, which I’m very much looking forward to sharing with you. Keep an eye out over the next few days (possibly today if time permits) for the initial rollout of a sweet little Halo 3 feature which will help you communicate better with your team.

New tool added: Halo 3 Stats for Mobile Devices

We are proud to announce our latest tool for you to use, a convenient way to check your stats from your mobile device. It’s a convenient Mobile Halo 3 Stats Checker, compatible with iPhone, Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, and many more!

Just go here to type in your gamertag and give it a try!

Halo 3 Stats for Mobile Devices Features:

  • See your stats from your last ten games
  • Browse your kills, deaths, standing, score, and assists
  • View your teammate’s and opponents scores
  • See what time and date you last played

Massive Team Slayer, Lone Wolves, and Big Team Battle update!

Here is the list of the things that were updated. Thanks goes out to FPSBuddy community member NoSkillx for these respawn timer suggestions. Come join us!

Team Slayer and Lone Wolves

Moved Flamethrower and Missile Pod to bottom of list
Removed Assault Rifle
Removed Battle Rifle
Added 2nd Power Drainer

Removed Battle Rifle
Added 2nd Sniper Timer
Added Two Bubble Shield Timers 1:00

Ghost Town
Added Bubble Shield 1:00
Added Power Drainer 1:00

Removed Needler
Removed Assault Rifle

High Ground
Removed Mongoose
Removed Needler
Added Laser 3:00
Added 2nd Ghost
Added Shotgun 2:00
Added Bubble Shield 1:00
Added Power Drainer 1:00

Removed Assault Rifle
Removed Mongoose
Added 2nd Mauler

Last Resort
Removed Assault Rifle
Removed Mongoose
Removed Needler
Removed Battle Rifle
Added Bubble Shield 1:00
Added Power Drainer 1:00
Added 2nd Sniper Rifle

Lone Wolves Timers now match Team Slayer

Added 2nd Mauler
Added 2 Bubble Shields 1:00

Removed Overshield
Added 2nd Invis
Added 2nd Rocket Launcher
Added 2nd Warthog
Added Laser 3:00

The Pit

Removed Assault Rifle
Removed Needler
Added 2nd Sniper
Added 2nd Shotgun
Added Power Drainer 1:00

Added 2 Warthogs 3:00
Added 2nd Banshee
Added 2nd Sniper

Narrows on Team Slayer update

I have just finished making an update to Narrows on Team Slayer. Now, there are two overshields, two sniper rifles, two power drainers, one rocket launcher, one bubble shield, and one mauler respawn timer. I’m still not 100% sure about the actual times on the timers, so could you please confirm that they are all right.

Thanks, NoSkiLLx!

I also wanted to invite our visitors to participate in the FPSBuddy community on our forum. We have what looks to be the start of a great community and it is only going to get better. Hope to see you on there.

Cold Storage respawn timer now available

Well, the Cold Storage respawn times are now available. Use the form above to try it out! I am not sure what’s going on in this map for MLG, so let me know if there’s something that needs to be added for that.

Thanks to Evolved once again. You rock!

More MLG updates!

Hey guys. I’m really happy to see everyone pitching in and helping me gather the various times. Big thanks go out to Evolved and Bus7er for this update.

Here’s what I accomplished today on the Halo timer:


Mauler added on Guardian, The Pit, Narrows
Battle Rifle added on Construct, The Pit, Narrows
Carbine added on Construct

New Timers! Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenade, and Plasma Grenade.
Plasma Pistol added on The Pit
Frag grenades added on Guardian, Construct, The Pit, Narrows
Plasma grenades added on Guardian, Construct, The Pit, Narrows

Keep the submissions coming in! Next update: Cold Storage!

Tons of MLG updates to the Halo 3 Timer, and other bugs fixed

Today has been a busy day for FPSBuddy. First, I found out that people couldn’t register for the forum. Turned out to be a template issue, which means the time I spent skinning the other template is pretty much down the drain. But at least people can register now. Why haven’t you registered yet?

Also, I just made an insane amount of changes to the MLG profiles. A helpful FPSBuddy community member, Bus7er, tipped me off that a lot of the MLG times were wrong, with some good information on what is supposed to be where. (Bus7er is also credited with pointing out the forum registration problem! Thanks!!)

Here’s the short list of what was changed in the MLG profiles:
Removed “MLG on Xbox Live” selection, you can use “MLG” for both online and offline play.
Invisibility is now only on Guardian MLG, and the timer was changed to 2:00
Overshield is now only on The Pit MLG, and the timer was changed to 2:00
Removed OS and INV on maps that don’t have them.
MLG Mauler time is now 2:00
MLG Battle Rifle now respawns at :10
MLG Carbines spawn at 1:30

We still need more info on what weapons appear on which maps in Halo 3! Any small tip is greatly appreciated. Submit them here.

Forum spawns in 10 seconds………. Forum is up!

Good news! After much avail, four crappy forum scripts, and two days later, I got the forum going. It’s not fully skinned yet, but it’ll do for now. Go ahead and make an account and introduce yourself to the FPSBuddy community.

I will soon be disabling the contact form, and all submissions should be done at the Forum. This way, if someone submits an incorrect time, it’ll be hopefully caught by a forum member before it goes live.

Also, there’s a new feature (also free) coming to FPSBuddy soon. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I can say that it’s pretty frickin sweet. More to come later. Here’s a hint: it’s also for Halo 3.

Well, have at it. Enjoy the fruits of my labor :)

Another update and an interface suggestion

Jordan Adania just submitted a few more times for Foundry on Team Slayer. 90 second Sniper, 120 second Shotgun, 120 second Rockets, 60 second BR, and 60 second Power Drainer respawns. The profile has been updated. Thanks again!

Earlier today, someone named Loren wrote in with a good suggestion:

Hey your timer is great. I have a suggestion to help improve it. would it be possible to have some sort of background image. maybe changeable ones so people can still keep the orignal look if they want. I find that when im playing and useing this, the massive white sceen is a little distracting.

Great idea. I’m hoping that it’s possible. The white background is probably WAY too bright, especially for people who play in the dark. I have some ideas on how to do this, so I’ll be keeping that in mind and I’ll try to implement something like that after I get the forum working. Kudos for the idea.

I still haven’t had a chance to grab Cold Storage, and I may not be able to tonight, so if anyone wants to submit some respawn times for the new map, please use this form. Thanks!

New time submitted for MLG on The Pit

Kerry Snyder of Pittsburgh submitted the following tip:

Invis on guardian mlg is 3 minutes like on the pit.

Thanks, Kerry! This time has been updated. Keep the submissions coming in!

MLG respawn times updated

All sword, shotgun, and turret timers have been removed from the MLG gametype profiles. Sorry about that.

Thanks to Jordan Adania for the heads up. Anyone else got a tip for us? Submit it at our contact form. We will have a forum soon for discussions about what should/shouldn’t be appearing in the different profiles.

Thanks for using FPSBuddy.

We heard you, loud and clear. The Halo 3 Respawn Timer is now 100% Free!

Due to a variety of reasons, we have decided to make our Halo 3 Respawn Timer tool completely free to our end users (you!). Here’s why we did this:

  • An obvious backlash from our potential customers. It seems that a majority of people in our target market did not appreciate us asking for subscription fees. This feeling was one that we never wanted convey, and we created this tool to make people happy (by getting more wins in Halo 3!).
  • To ensure that our Halo 3 Respawn Timer remains the most full-featured and highest quality respawn timer available, it will require help from the FPSBuddy community. We are a very small team of developers, and we simply do not have the manpower to do it all ourselves.
  • More users – By making our Halo 3 Spawn Times Tracker 100%, this will attract a much higher amount of end-users, making FPSBuddy.com a better community.

Well, that’s pretty much it. All current Halo 3 Respawn Timer Subscriptions will be cancelled within the next 24 hours. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Thanks for taking time to read this. We hope you enjoy the new, completely free Halo 3 Respawn Timer.

Cold Storage will be FREE on July 7!

Bungie recently announced some great news concerning the release of Cold Storage, a remake of my favorite map, Chill Out, from Halo 1. The FPSBuddy team couldn’t be more excited.

FPSbuddy users – Please note that I will do what it takes to get the respawn times for Cold Storage as soon as is humanly possible. I am planning to have the map available on both the free and pay versions of the Halo 3 Respawn Timer by midnight of July 7th. I am hoping to get it done earlier.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Can’t wait til’ Cold Storage comes out!

FPSBuddy Introduction

Thank you for taking time to visit FPSBuddy. Basically, FPSBuddy is a site with tools for competitive FPS players.

Our first product, the Halo 3 Respawn Timer, allows you to track weapon, item, powerup, and vehicle respawns in Halo 3. It works on PC, Mac, and Windows Mobile devices. It has been featured on halo.bungie.org along with many other Halo fan sites. Our Halo Timer also works with many different gametypes, like Lone Wolves, Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, and even MLG. It is currently the most full-featured and reliable spawn timer available for Halo 3.

The free version of our Halo 3 Respawn Timer allows unlimited use of the Lone Wolves gametype, while the pay version adds MLG, Team Slayer, and Big Team Battle acccess for only $3.99/month.

We are currently working on a new tool for Halo 3 players, and it should be available in the next few weeks. More details to come.

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